Thursday, June 1, 2023

Lordy its HOT here!

The news had the nerve to say that they we're having a cool wave Tuesday in Tucson---and meant it. Last fall, when we scheduled our slide upgrade with Vroom here in Tucson, they said they hoped to be in their new building by spring 2023 and have full hook-ups. They were in the new building, but I didn't think to double check the full hook-up part. We were welcomed to stay overnight in their lot the Tues. night before, but no hook-ups yet. At a mere 96° that would mean running the generator constantly. I voted for an RV park that night. We also got a hotel for Wednesday and Thursday night when our RV was being worked on. 

We dropped off our RV, Liemon (pronounced Lee•mon), at Vroom before 7 a.m. Tuesday. For an increased fee Hampton Inn let us upgrade our room, enabling us to check in early that morning instead of the normal 3 p.m. Nice room and cool spot to spend the day.

Sign in the hotel lobby.

A word on traveling and doctoring: challenging. Words on kidney stones: don't get them. Cures to medical problems often bring on other problems. Pat has been dealing with a tick bite. I, on the other hand, get one thing under control which causes another issue! So far this leg of our journey we're tied at two urgent care visits each.

The Lordsburg, NM KOA had the prettiest desert landscaping. Many plants were blooming too.


Lots of warnings about dust storms or "haboobs" on the roads. Dust devils look like a smaller version of a tornado.

Where are the Piepers now? Tucson, AZ

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