Thursday, April 2, 2020

A day out....

Well, it wasn't really a day out, and it didn't feel like I got out period.  Although we had enough groceries to last another couple of weeks, we decided we would get what was on the list since we still only had 6 Covid-19 cases in our county.  So, I donned my mask and gloves, thinking I was over prepared, to find out many people had masks and gloves.  It felt like we were playing a magnet game, only everyone was a negative magnet and wherever one went, the others all went the opposite!  Everyone I encountered was by themselves and I saw no children.  Like Pat, I saw a couple of husbands waiting in the parking lot for the "sacrifice" to come out, lol.

They were out of a lot.  I saw TP was empty and no sanitizing wipes, or sanitizer of course. No yeast, which Pat saw on the internet is nowhere to be found.  Meat was pretty sparse but when I passed by on my way out they had put out a little more, so maybe they were rationing.  They had paper towels (pretty slim roll) 10/$10.  I didn't need any, but was surprised with the small quantity they had that they would let people get 10. We did go during the senior shopping time, 7-8 a.m., but there were a few  younger people there too.  I figured they were maybe going before work.  We would be careful and follow the recommended directions anyway, but we are always careful about what virus we pick up because what one of us gets, the other one will too.  No separate bedrooms or bathrooms in the RV!

We decided to try the grocery sanitizing process Pat saw on the news when we got home.  I'm sure my daughter-in-law isn't surprised, lol!  It was interesting and not something I would want to do all of the time.  We used the picnic table and Pat wiped down everything and placed it on the sanitized side, and then they went in the storage tubs.  I washed all of the vegies and fruit, and repackaged the meats inside the RV, and then sanitized the counter and sink.  Probably for naught, but what else do we have to do anyway!  Except for the items I didn't find, or forgot, we should be set for a month if need be.

Krikkit eyeing the groceries
Pat fixed BBQ chicken breasts tonight.  Pat used some of Eric's homemade hot sauce in the brine. His recipe was really good, and the chicken breasts were very moist.  Looking forward to left overs tomorrow.  Always like when the next day is taken care of.

We haven't been getting up until 9 or after, because once again, why?, so we are both tired tonight after getting up at 6 for the grocery run.

Tonight is a view of our dining area.  Small and cozy.  Sounds like a realtor's phrase for just plain small!  Under each dinette seat is storage.  One side has a drawer that pulls out into the hallway where we keep our computer and equipment.  The rest of the under-seat space under both dinette benches houses bedding for the extra beds, as well as a package of emergency TP, a couple of rolls of paper towels, and a few other things. The bad part is all of the cushions have to come off to get anything out, but we don't need anything under them on a regular basis.  On top we have the napkin holder and plastic container that houses the salt and pepper shaker, both secured with the command Velcro strips so we don't have to put them away when we travel.  The living room TV is above the table with windows on either side.   One wall has the yearly calendar my Texas granddaughters make (with a "little" help from their Mom).  A greatly appreciated gift, and another keypad that controls various front area lights and the bunk in the front that comes down for a bed.

One dinette seat with the pull-out drawer

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