Tuesday, April 14, 2020


Monday night we had dinner with our oldest son, Josh, and his family--via google duo. How fun!  Learned all about the book they are reading, the Rats of NIMH, Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles and how baths before puddle splashing results in having, or maybe getting to take, another bath. Oh and Samira had wax on, wax off down perfectly from the Karate Kid.  Hope we get to do it again soon.  I said I would work on a BINGO game we could play together.

Record high last week and cold, at least nights, this week.  30's are too cold for me!! Nevertheless, I did my campground rounds getting some steps in.  Since we are just outside of town, on a highway, there isn't a good place to walk.  Our month here is up this week so on Friday we will be moving on.

Each day there are fewer long-term campers left and fewer over-nighters (last night, Monday, there were two over-nighters).  Although I fully believe in and support social distancing, I think this place will have a tough time. Arkansas, by executive order of the governor a week ago, started prohibiting people from outside the state who are traveling for recreational purposes from staying in hotels, motels, or short term rentals. Not sure how they will enforce this, or how it may pertain to full-time RVers.

As we get ready to move on, it's time to prepare.  It's been 2 week's since we've been to a grocery store and we are still well supplied.  There's always something you use more of than you thought you would.  In our case this time it was sliced cheese.  We still have a chunk and several packages of shredded cheese, so we can get by.  The freezer is still pretty full.  Pat requested a crock pot of scrambled eggs because he likes to freeze individual portions to pull out and microwave in the mornings. I looked and I'm not sure there's much room in the freezer for containers.   I pulled out hamburger patties for tonight and a container of our vegie beef soup we made a couple of weeks ago, so that's a start.  As cold as it is, tomorrow will be a good soup night.

Anyway, we did go to Petsmart this afternoon to get a bag of dog food for Krikkit.  The store was open, but it also had curbside pick-up which I wouldn't have thought about, but will in the future if we need it.   I found out that doggie salons are critical services I guess????🐩

Not sure what Pat did before dinner but I took a 2 hour nap!  I've had allergy issues since we got to Texas but by this past weekend my sinuses had enough.  I am sooo tired the first week of Zyrtec.  Pat might say I'm a "little" cranky too.  Wearing my fitbit I notice I slept 7-8 hours the past 2 days I took the zyrtec, which is a lot for me, but the amount of deep sleep was greatly reduced from usual. Is this what makes me so tired??  My body must adjust, because after a week it's better.  After 2 days the allergy symptoms are already better.

Watch tomorrow.  We have one more spot to visit (outside and off the beaten path) tomorrow, so watch for what I hope are beautiful pictures.  Enjoy your life!

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