Friday, April 24, 2020

Rain and sun, rain and sun, repeat

Tuesday night was our second "Google duo" dinner with Josh, Zia, Cyrus and Samira in Massachusetts!  So much fun for us sharing conversation over dinner with someone besides the two of us.  Josh offered us some yummy-looking cornbread but it didn't taste the same here in Missouri, lol.  Next time I'll have to get a picture of all of us.

Wow, did it rain Weds. and very windy at times too!  We had to put the awning in and pick up the patio mat that wanted to take off, even though it was staked down. We watched someones awning blow up over the top of their trailer.

No rain today, Thursday.  We sat outside after supper and it must have been near 70.  Tomorrow, however...

Krikkit needed vaccinations so we did a drop off dog visit at The Carthage Animal Hospital Thurs. afternoon.  They were wonderful, but even though she is a dog, hard to send her in by herself.  We had never been to this vet before, but she knew, and she plopped down on the car seat and wouldn't budge.  She even turned around like I can't see them, they can't see me.  She's never cross, so when they lifted her out she went.  The doctor came out with her (it only took a few minutes) and said she had her distemper and bordatello vaccinations.  I had her evaluated for arthritis again, because we don't want her in pain, and moving is obviously getting much tougher.  The doctor said the arthritis is pretty severe so she gave her meds to take daily.  I sure hope they help her feel better. She is short with a long body and steps have always been a challenge for her.  She goes up at an angle and in a strange way.  We carried her up the narrow and very steep RV steps for a long time, but picking her up obviously causes pain now so we've gone to a rear-assist to get her up.  Not sure that works very well, but Pat said our steps are too steep for a ramp.  We we went to Sonic after her vet visit and she got a few pieces of cheese curds, which she loves.  She was a pretty peppy, for her, when we got home and was, as usual, ready for dinner early.  Walking a problem, eating not! I don't know if its from the vaccinations or from having her legs manipulated, but she hurts tonight, no doubt.😓 A slight touch makes her wince, so I just laid down beside her, just like she does me when I don't feel good.  It reminds me of a little kid who's sick, but can't tell you what's wrong and they don't understand why they feel bad, and it really sucks! Looks like she is snuggled in for the night now.

Krikkit had a tough day!

For dinner tonight Pat grilled a tenderloin pork roast. He brined it, wrapped it in bacon, and put the raspberry jalapeno sauce I love on it.  It was fantastic.  Great job Pat!

Friday and it's...raining.  We did some maintenance and worked on some other things including a power strip in the dining area, vacuum and attachment holders installed, and Pat ordered more parts for his new rv camera monitors.

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