Friday, April 17, 2020

On the road again ....

We were on the road shortly after 10 this morning, which was a later than normal start for us, but our travel time would be less than 4 hours.  It was a beautiful drive through the Boston Mountains in Northwest AR.  They are actually part of the Ozark Mountains, and like I mentioned in a previous post, they aren't technically mountains but a deeply dissected plateau.  As well as a city, "Boston" means "difficult thing" and early explorers gave these mountains this name because of the challenging terrain.  They look smaller, although bigger than the Ozark mountains we saw around Russellville.  Even though we were on interstate, and not the "scenic" route, you came around a curve and it took your breath away with the beauty.

When we crossed the Missouri border I felt like we were back "home."  Actually, I was born in Iowa, but I consider Missouri my home, as we raised our family there.  That being said, we are currently across the state from Palmyra where we raised our family, but we are close to where we lived just before we hit the road. We are staying at  Camp Mi Casa on the Route RV Park, Carthage, MO for a month. Carthage puts us within 3 hours of our last doctors.  When it is safe to go, we (meaning me) have a few doctor appointments to make.

It isn't major work to pack up since most of our stuff is in its spot already.  We do have things to do though.  Pat had packed up the grill and outdoor stuff on Weds., and rearranged the basement.  Yesterday, Thursday, he got on the roof and cleaned off any debris and washed the solar panels.  We want those rays hitting all of each of the panels.

This morning we both went through the check lists.  I made sure drawers and doors were secured.  The door that has our picture frame seems to not close well so I double checked it.  Pat put eye hooks on the pantry slide-outs and I use rubber twisties to secure both of those, because although they lock in place, we've had the door fly open and they've slid out on bumpy roads. We got some new ties a little over a month ago and I made the brilliants decision that they got in the way hanging on one of the eye hooks when we were parked.  I went to put them on this morning, but I couldn't find the safe spot I stuffed them in.  You would think in 300 sq. ft. they wouldn't be hard to find.  I can remember telling Pat where I put them, but of course he doesn't remember either.  I resorted to regular twisties, but we went through a bad construction zone and one door came open and the shelving unit flew out!  I set the locks on the slide out drawers.  We put magnetic child locks on them to prevent them from flying open in turbulent conditions.  The locks can then be disabled without taking them off when we are stationary.

Everything in the shower and on the bathroom counter goes in a cabinet.  I made sure the toilet bowl brush holder was securely attached with the command Velcro.  I made sure the shower door was locked and the bathroom door securely shut before the slide goes in (the door opens enough to go into the bathroom with the slide in but it will not open all the way) so it doesn't fly open and hit the fridge.  I checked the fridge  to be sure it was securely locked, windows and vents were closed, and the water pump was off. Krikkits bed and dishes were put in their traveling spot.  Krikkit is secured with a traveling strap that hooks on my chair and on her halter.  Just long enough she can get up and stretch and get to her water dish.  She is a great traveler, unless it's near dinner time-- DEVIL DOG!  All shades were opened, I double checked for potential flying objects, and I got the walkie-talkies out.

Pat has taken care of the outside stuff.  Before he went out he made sure the tire monitoring system was on and checked the tire pressures in the RV and car.  He disconnected the power, water and sewer.  He dumped and flushed the black tank and dealt with the "stinky slinky," the sewer hose.  I prepped the toilet with anti-stink stuff.  Pat put both slides in, raised the jacks, and picked up the jack stands. He also hooked up the car.  Pat lowered the air bags, with walkie-talkies we checked lights on both vehicles, and I checked to make sure the levers on the tow bar popped up when he started to go.  Then the door was locked and we were off! It has become a familiar routine that happens automatically.  It really doesn't take too  long.

30𝇈 tonight but warmer days (and nights) beginning tomorrow.  Please, spring, be here!!


  1. Prison might be a strong word, but it feels good tp be in Missouri!

  2. I thought Carthage sounded familiar so I looked it up and sure enough you are just north of Joplin, only about 6 hours from here. Not a lot of scenery there. And Missouri is a "lockdown" state unlike Arkansas (and Iowa). But campgrounds must be open, or is it okay for long term campers (like Iowa)?

    1. I don't know if it's the campground or state, but here they won't take anyone for less than 14 days. Arkansas practiced social distancing.

    2. Scenery doesn't matter when you have to stay at home. Do we know you?

    3. This is Sally. Do I have to subscribe to something to have my name show. Maybe I'll just sign my posts.

    4. I am not sure, but I think you need to logon with a Google account.