Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Spring cleaning

Another nice day.  No rain, warm, partly cloudy, green and the ground is drying up.  Hot tomorrow!

Today we did spring cleaning, lol.  This is the part of RV living I like.  Rinsed out the 2 air-conditioner filters, and snapped off and wiped out the 4 bedroom light covers--done!!  Sounds like we may need the air-conditioners tomorrow.  We also went through our extra food in the basement, taking out a few things and adding in some of the items we bought last week.  Forgot I had a walnut brownie mix down there, so it came up.

I worked on my quilt and Pat said he took a nap.  We did do our dog walks, and our campground walk.  Met Marie and Maggie from OK. Krikkit gave Maggie quite a talking to.  Maggie couldn't have cared less, lol. Congratulations on the purchase of your new fifth wheel!  Like most of our neighbors here, they are heading home.

Business cards arrived yesterday.

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