Wednesday, April 29, 2020

New monitors for the side and rear cameras

The last of the chilly days???  Certainly chilly day today.  Same as yesterday, the sun came out about 5 and the temperature moved up into the mid 60's.  Tonight it gets down to the middle 40's and I think it's all uphill from there!  80's by the weekend.  I'll be complaining it's too hot then.

The Rimadyl is certainly taking away some of Krikkit's pain.  Maybe too much???  She tries to jump down the last 2 steps of the RV.  In her  younger days no problem.  After she did it this afternoon her poor foot was not quite pointing the right way and she had trouble bearing weight.😟  We try to slow her down but she doesn't quite get it.

We had to go to Joplin today to get medicine at CVS.  It's only about 16 minutes away.  I want to go back when we have nicer weather and see what it might have to offer.  If it's like Carthage most touristy things are closed, like The Precious Moments Chapel and some kind of outdoor exhibit called Red Oak II.  On Monday, May 4, Missouri is going into phase one of opening up so maybe some of those things will open, at least on a limited basis.  Joplin may  have some parks with trails that are open anyway.  I REALLY need to do more walking.

I spent the day doing laundry.  Keep in mind for every load you do, it probably takes me 3 loads, with an hour to wash and an hour to dry.  I do have a separate washer and dryer which makes it go a little faster.  Many RV's have an all-in-one.  I'm not complaining though.  They have turned out to be extremely nice to have.  I usually pick a day where we have nothing we're doing, like today.

Pat spent the afternoon installing his 3 small monitors to use for the side and back-up cameras.  That leaves our big screen on the dash open solely for navigation.  We use Waze a lot on the phone for navigation, but it's nice to use the one that came with the RV because it tells us if there is a low bridge or other things that might affect us driving.  Next he will have to decide exactly where to mount them so he can see them, but that they aren't in his line of vision.


  1. When we first started Maggie on Rimadyl we had similar experiences. We went to once daily. This helped her to not get too bold and to give us more time for her to be on it long term. We knew she was going to be on it for many years and we didn't want her on a higher dose right away. After a year or two we went to twice daily......laurie

    1. Krikkit is taking it once a day, which is what they recommended. We have used it short term over the years for her "good" leg (the one that didn't have TPLO surgery). We give it in the morning as she has no trouble sleeping. A vet had us try a liquid med a while back that didn't seem to help. We are holding her collar and making her go one step at a time down. With her long body, short legs and steep, narrow steps its hard for her period. Getting her up isn't fun either. With my knees I can't lift her and without the Rimadyl that hurt her anyway. I put one hand on her harness to assist
      the front and the other under her butt to push the back probklem area which works pretty well. She must have strained it yesterday because it was looking better today and she seemed OK walking on it.

  2. Hi Ann, this is Sally. There is conservation center south of Joplin called Wildcat Glades. It has some nice easy walking trails. We went there with the boys a couple of times when they lived in Frontenac. Also Prairie State Park is near Mindenmines Mo which is a little northwest of you. I have never been there but I remember the boys talking about it. And we used to take the boys to Wilderness Park near Frontenac KS. It has trails with ponds and streams through what I think was an old mining area. It was a little more challenging terrain but there are options for longer or shorter routes. You can find more info online. It reminds me of fun times. I really miss not getting to visit my grandkids.