Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Rib day

This morning we changed the pitch on the awning, lowering the front part of it.  Had talked about it before but wasn't sure how to.  It took both of us.  Pat had to turn something by the RV, and I had to push up on the front piece of the awning so he could release it.  It made a pretty big difference in the amount of sun coming underneath and added to the shade.

Pat adjusting the awning.
Whew, it was a hot one today at 92°.  We turned on the air and were happy that both worked.  There really was a nice breeze most of the day though that made it bearable outside .  Stormy weather tonight, I can see lightening in the distance. I think any severe weather is supposed to be northeast of us.  A little cooler now at 9 p.m. so we opened the RV up for the night.

Pat grilled BBQ ribs today.  When I went to Kroger I was told to get ribs if they were under $2.  Baby back were $5 and spareribs were $2.99, so I got a slab of spareribs.  NOW I'm told I liked the St. Louis style spareribs, not just spareribs.  Disappointing!!!  That's ok, I won't remember that the next time anyway, but maybe by then we can both go into the store.

Pat's ribs (the slab cut in half and stacked)
Below is the entryway to our RV.  There is one retractable step on the outside and 4 steps inside. To the right is the couch, and to the left the passenger chair. There is a smaller storage cabinet above the stairs and another one to the left above the window.  The RV came with a euro-chair in front of the window that leaned back a little and had a small footrest.  It was too congested for us with the passenger seat rotated around, so we took it out.  Sometimes I use that space for my sewing machine (currently I'm trying my sewing machine on the pop-up table on the dash in front of the passenger seat) or, as you can see, it is Krikkit's "dining" and  her toy storage area.

The euro-chair we removed.
To prevent Krikkit from falling down the stairs, or charging down to try and get outside to go after a dog, Pat made a hinged plexiglas step protector that goes across the side and front of the steps (taped around the edge so we see it).  She loves to lay at the top of the stairs and watch the outside world through the screen door.  It's short enough that it isn't a problem for us to go over, but when she goes in and out we can swing it open.  I'm pretty sure she could paw it out of the way or try to jump over it, but she fortunately hasn't. I don't remember if it was before we had it, or it wasn't there for some reason, but she did run down the stairs to go after a dog and ran right into the screen door and cut her face.  Not too long ago she was all excited and backed up into it, and it and her went down the steps into the screen door.  Although rightly shocked, she seemed to be okay after that tumble.  Surprisingly enough, the screen door was ok too.  I have seen where some people make a wood piece that fits over the stair opening and can be folded up along side the couch and secured there. When Krikkit is no longer with us, we'll have to put something on the side of the step where the euro-chair use to be so we don't fall off!  Down at the bottom of the stairs there is a small, brown, sliding door to a small compartment in the basement.  We keep buckets, inside tools and such in there.

Surprisingly enough, you can't see Krikkit's nose art on the plexiglas in this picture!


  1. You might find this video enlightening.

  2. The ribs were fine, Ann just thinks they taste too much like meat! I think I will need to experiment with a smoke box on this Weber Q200.