Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Palazzo kitchen

Rain today.  Good for getting my book read, but not much else. Internet problems, not sure whose end, so we'll see what happens.

Tonight I'll give a tour of our kitchen.  We try to keep things on top to a minimum, as with every where else, so we don't have as much to put away when we travel.  The utensil holder and salt/pepper shaker are secured to the wall with command velcro strips.

The items hung on the backsplash don't have to be put away for travel.  The towel clip is also a command hook. There are lights under the upper cabinets and also under the microwave.  To the left is the hallway to the bath and bedroom and to the right is the dinette.  On the wall by the refrigerator is another light switch panel. There is no oven.  The microwave is  a convection oven that I'm getting use to, sort of.  It's certainly bigger than I thought and will accommodate a 9 x 13" pan and maybe bigger.  The induction stove top has two burners.  I really like it.

This is the command Velcro that attaches items

On the left are two deep drawers.  They hold a stacked pan set, skillet, hand mixer, chopper, plastic wear, small cutting boards, mixing bowls, and other miscellaneous items.
To the right of those drawers are 3 smaller drawers with the top one being narrower than the other two.  The knives and the silverware have some nice storage units to keep them from shifting too much.  The second drawer is a little bit organized and the bottom one house everything else!

To the right of the drawers are two cabinets.  First is trash, step-stool and extra trash bags in the back.  The one on the right is a  little bigger and houses Krikkit's food containers 2 deep, and next to the front container on the right are the 2 oven racks ,sink toppers (makes additional counter space if needed).  On the left of her front food container is the collapsible dish drainer, and to the left of that we have Velcro straps that hold the glass microwave turntable when traveling. Inside the right door is a command adhesive container to house sponges (Trader Joe's compact sponges that grow in the water--thank you to my daughter-in-law Zia) and scrubbees.
The inside of the microwave and the 2 upper cabinets.  We use glassware, so we have a foam board structure to keep those safe with mugs and soup mugs on top.  On the right we added a wire rack to divide the dishes.  All kitchen towels go in here too.

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