Saturday, April 25, 2020

Rail Trail

We took a walk on the Ruby Jack rail trail this afternoon.  It was perfect out!  Temperatures in the upper 60's, a nice breeze, and partial sun.  There were a couple of bicyclists and a couple of other walkers.  As with any other trail we've been on, people give each other extra space right now.

People always point at Krikkit in her stroller, chuckle, and call her "spoiled."  They have never had to carry her!  She started Rimadyl yesterday and we already see results.  She did a lot of walking today, and the best part was more wags and smiles!  She was even a little ornery!

We started off at the trail head near Carthage, and thought we would walk towards town instead of back towards our RV park.  We walked a ways but knew right away that this was an unfinished section.  Still had the rails and ties, or at least most of them! It was a little rough walking with the stroller so we turned around after a while.  It looks like they got a grant last fall that will allow them to complete the trail through Carthage.  We walked past where we ended last time, going past 2 auto salvage yards.  Pat saw an old Coke-a-Cola truck that he was surprised someone hadn't snatched up.  Looked like it had been there awhile with trees growing around it, and maybe even through it.

Since we drove to the trail head, and we were close to Carthage, we went into town before heading back and got half price drinks, and of course, cheese curds at Sonic.

We ordered groceries delivered by Hy-Vee to our home in Kansas a few years ago, in fact, several times.  It's been almost a month since we got groceries, so we thought we try out Walmart's curbside pick-up.  It was a little challenging, and stressful, but after a couple of hours we had an order placed for pick-up on Mon.  Hy-Vee was always great and picked the best fruit, veggies and meat.  We'll see how Walmart does.  Hope everyone is enjoying a little spring weather.


  1. The trail looks nice, even the unfinished part is interesting. Wish I could visit. Sally C

  2. Today was even nicer. We enjoyed doing nothing for the most part.

  3. It was a peaceful walk. We look forward to you visiting when this mess is over, or at least better.