Monday, April 27, 2020

In the bedroom

SURPRISE, rain today!  Actually, it was nice this morning, but along with the rain we have cooler temps.  Shortly after 5:00 tonight the rain, stopped, the wind stopped and the sun came out.  I would have preferred this in the afternoon, but I'll take it!

We just got back from our first curb-side pick-up at Walmart.  What a great experience!  We had the best personal shopper and the young man that promptly brought our groceries to our car was fantastic!  I can't thank stores enough for potentially putting themselves in harms way so we can have food and necessities.

Tonight:  our bedroom

Looking at our bedroom from the hallway.  There is a sliding door that shuts it off from the rest of the RV.  This is where one of us goes when we need distancing!

On the left side of the bed is the "dresser".  One side has 2 deeper drawers and the other side has 3 drawers.  Pat gets 2 of the smaller ones.

The mirrored door is Pat's closet.  It is full length.  Above the dresser are 2 cabinets with double doors.  We each get one.

On the left side, Pat's side, there is a drawer below the nightstand.  Below that used to be a small flip-out hamper.  We repurposed it and turned it into a cabinet that houses the sleep number bed controller.   On top of the bed we each have a cabinet with double doors.  Pat put a wire shelf in each side to make it easier to get to things.  Pat only has half of it, the rest is community property. Above the nightstand is another 1/2 size hanging closet.

My side of the bed also has a 1/2 size closet and below my nightstand is a drawer.  Nothing below that as that is the engine air in-take.  I have a little shelf above my window for things.  The large window on my side is the egress window.  That is the exit other than the door.

My closet is at the foot of my side of the bed just inside the bedroom.  It is a lot deeper than Pat's (are you starting to get the disparity of  our storage space?😁  I have a shoe rack on the door to house some.  Pat doesn't need one for his 5 pair.  In the bottom is my sewing machine and I keep my current sewing projects under my handing clothes.

Beside my bed is where we have the vacuum and it's attachments stored.  This is a new storage solution.  The vacuum holder is screwed on, but the attachment holder, which is very heavy, is held on with Command Velcro so I'm not sure that will last.  The pole for the vacuum is attached with Command cord bundlers.

 Lots of storage under our bed.  I keep a lot of things that we use frequently, but not every day in there.  The wall at the foot of the bed has the TV, a ladder to get into the overhead cab bunk when it's down and my floor mop both secured with Command utility/broom holders.  In the corner is our laundry hamper.

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  1. Compact but plenty of storage for us, especially since I have over half, lol!