Saturday, April 4, 2020

Busy day...

We had a busy day.  Actually it wasn't, but compared to most days now, it seemed like it.  We did an early Walmart run to get the few things I couldn't at Kroger Thursday.  Only 3 items I couldn't find at either store and we can make it without them for now.  I donned my attire (mask and gloves) and entered the Walmart line.  They had a line set up to enter through one door.  I read that they were going to limit the number of people in the store at one time.  I was the only one in the line at the time, and I didn't think there were that many people actually in the store shopping while I was in there.

While I was checking out there was a tremendous downpour!  As I exited the store the rain had let up just a little.  I headed down the aisle that was under the "Market" word on the store.  As I trudged down the aisle through the rain looking at every silver car, I didn't find ours.  Of course I thought we had parked far out, so I went clear to the last car in the row.  I am so use to "beeping" the car so I don't pay attention to where we park, a habit I really need to break.  Trying to eliminate extra items I didn't take my keys, nor my phone with me.  At that point I realized that maybe we weren't quite directly under that sign, so I moved over to the aisle on my left.  I spotted a silver car but no one was in it, so I walked right on by.  I returned, however, to see that indeed it was our car and Pat was NOT in it.  I wondered if he had ventured in to use the bathroom???  By now I was drenched.  In my decision to eliminate extra things I also didn't wear a coat.  Trying not to touch my face, per CDC recommendations, I couldn't see out of my rain spotted glasses and having stepped in one too many puddles my shoes and socks were drenched.  So I headed back up to Walmart and what do I see?  My sweet husband pacing with an umbrella.  He had brought me an umbrella when he saw that I had checked out (thanks to credit card notifications of charges), only he missed me because I went down the wrong aisle.  He gave me the umbrella, which all though extremely thoughtful, really wasn't very useful anymore!  He also let me know that he had left the car unlocked, oh well, it was only water.  It was rainy and quite chilly all day.

In the afternoon we headed out for some rum.  Arkansas has a lot of "dry" counties and we were staying in one.  Pat was going to wait until Monday for a liquor run, but fortunately I wanted to go out.  When we arrived we found out liquor stores, at least in the area we went to, were closing that evening for Covid 19.  Not sure when they will reopen, but Pat got his rum and a bottle of wine.

We made a big batch of vegetable beef soup for supper.  The RV smelled good all day.  There should be enough for 4 more days and if we can make room we'll freeze some.  Our freezer is pretty full to get us through close to 4 weeks. Tonight we played gin rummy and Pat slaughtered me. Now we are watching Moana.  Pat was even practicing a little yoga I think, lol.  Due to some chuckling on my part the picture may be a little blurry.

The view tonight is of the front of our RV.  We have 3 good-sized storage compartments above the dash.  Mounted below are a fan on each side.  If you look closely out the window you can see we have pipe insulation on each windshield wipers.  The wipers are big and expensive, so the insulation is to protect them from sun damage while we are parked. Also, there is the overhead bunk, which when brought down makes a queen sized bed.  The driver and passenger chairs rotate so that you can use them in as coach chairs too.  The center console has a large screen which controls a lot of things including the radio and an RV specific navigation system, and  it also can display the left, right and rear camera views.   In the cubby below the screen is the tire monitoring screen.  It monitors all 6 of the RV tires, as well as the 4 car ones.  If one of the car tires would go flat we would be dragging it along, as we wouldn't be able to tell the difference.  The "important" passenger dash has a tray that comes up for doing computer work, blog work, or resting her tired feet.

The overhead bunk comes down to form a queen bed.

Pat's view
Center console
Ann's view 

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  1. We didn't want to be liquor hoarders!🍷 Actually, we only have so much room so we went more for food.