Saturday, April 18, 2020


Looks like quite a few permanent residents here.  It's not a very big park, maybe even smaller than our last one.  It has gravel sites, and unlike many places in Arkansas, the bathrooms are still open (many are closed because of Covid-19).  It's kind of neat that it is on Route 66.  One year, maybe 2001, Pat, myself and Chris followed the American Solar Challenge race part of the way as they raced on route 66.   That was a fun experience.

We had 2 of our children, Josh and Eric, on the University of Missouri, Rolla (currently Missouri S &T and even earlier in it's history, The School of Mines) Solar Car Team. Our youngest, Chris, later became a member when we went to Rolla.   The Rolla  car was the Solar Miner, #42.  Maybe some of you know the meaning of that number?  Josh had a friend, who has since become his wife, who was on the competing MIT race team that year.  The race started in Chicago, although we joined it somewhere in Missouri, and it ended in Los Angeles, following Route 66.

Following the end of the race Pat, Chris, and myself continued on our camping trip through California.  We were sitting by the campfire one evening in Sequoia National Park, and we notice this Ryder truck slowly driving through the campground.  Zia had to return the Ryder truck her solar team had rented to San Francisco or some place north.  She and Josh knew we were in Sequoia, so they drove around the campgrounds in that big truck looking for us, and amazingly enough, found us!  A time before digital pictures. I don't think I got a picture of them, but I do have their tent.  Also a picture of myself and Chris by the oldest living tree, the famous "General Sherman" in Sequoia.

No picture of them, but this was Josh and Zia's tent when they surprised us.

Eric, Ann, Pat, Josh and Chris in Los Angeles.

2001 Solar Car Team in Los Angeles, CA
Almost expected road blocks as we came into the state yesterday, but no.  No one cautioned us about self-isolating for 14 days either, although I've read that some states are requesting those travelers coming into the state to do that.  The people next to us have 3 kids, 2 young toddlers, and a 12 year old.  They are from Michigan, but are residents of Florida, and are traveling for a year looking for someplace they would like to live.  Since we are researching health care from Florida we'll have to see if they have Florida Blue.

Lowest temperature I saw early this morning was 29𝇈.  Glad we stopped and filled up the propane before we left Russellville yesterday!  We do have an electric heater that is a backup, but when it gets really cold I'd rather use the furnace so I'm sure the basement stays nice and toasty.  Tonight is going to be a little warmer and then I think it gets back to more moderate temperatures all around.  Pat and Krikkit have been sitting out most of the day "chillin'."  I think the wind is kind of cold.  We have been taking care of loose ends today.  Now that we have an address for a month, we had several things to order for delivery.  Hope they all make it!


  1. Doesn't seem that long ago, until you look at pictures. Then it's how did I age so much since then?