Tuesday, April 7, 2020


We have decided we can make it for 2 weeks without going anywhere, just staying in the RV park. So, we needed some boredom busters.  I could play cards all day and Pat would probably be happy doing nothing all day.

We stayed busy on day 1.  Cards, Laundry, walking the dog (slow walks), without-the-dog walks (a little faster), and sat outside in the beatiful, sunny 75° weather.  We have speakers in the RV, but Pat got Sirius XM to play on the outside soundbar. After overcoming a sewing machine problem, I started quilting the baby quilt I started in Louisianna in Feb.

Have you seen the joke going around on Facebook about the pre-quarantine Little Debbie versus the post quarantine Big Debra?  From lack of exercise, boredom and stress eating I have gained a few pounds and  well, you get the picture.  I went from 20,000+ steps a day in KC to 12,000+ when we moved into the RV to closer to 3,000 a day since Covid 19 has come into the picture.  We are starting to walk around the RV park a couple of rotations at least twice a day.  We take Krikkit around twice a day but at a very slow pace.

On our afternoon/evening walk our entertainment is checking out the license plates of the RVs that came in for the night.  Today we had 5 stop, including one from New Hampshire and Montana.

Pat made beef enchiladas for dinner.

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