Sunday, June 21, 2020

The Journey began, part 13

We made it, Jamaica Beach Resort, Galveston, where we would spend the first month of "winter."  After having spent not much more than a week in any one spot since we left Grain Valley, and many times just a night or two, we were excited that we wouldn't have to move for a month!  We enjoyed the people, location, weather and amenities this park offered.  It was about an hour to our son's house.  It wasn't hot, but there were many "shorts" days.

Our son Eric, his wife Toni and the 4 grandchildren came to visit, along with Toni's parents, Jayna and Ted.  We enjoyed playing miniature golf at the park.  We tried a new restaurant, Coastal Grill, for dinner.  They had FABULOUS fish tacos at a very reasonable price!

The girls were learning to play chess on the park's giant chess board.

Jamaica Beach

La King's Confectionery and ice cream, Galveston, TX

Too many things to choose from.

Krikkit enjoyed chasing, or trying to chase, birds on the beach.

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