Friday, June 5, 2020

FINALLY, BB's Lawnside BBQ

In my opinion, BB's Lawnside BBQ,, is the best in KC!  This morning was errand day: Fastsigns to pick up our vinyl decals for the RV/car, Petco for dogfood and treats, of course, Joann Fabrics, Price Chopper for wood chips for tonight's ribs and, drum roll🥁, BB's.  

BB's, during normal times anyway, has great live Blues music.  The have been featured on the TV show Diners, Drive-ins, Dives. They have great atmosphere with communal picnic tables inside and outside also.

Pat and I both got their BBQ sundaes; layered beans, coleslaw, followed by pulled pork and BBQ sauce on top ( the pork and beans are hot).  A pickle was also tucked in there.  We got ours to go so it doesn't look as impressive as when it's service in a Mason jar, but one thing for sure, the flavor did not disappoint.  It was DELICIOUS!  Swopes park was only 10 minutes away so we headed there to eat our lunch.

Swopes Park houses the Zoo, a zip line course that we never made it to, the Starlight Theater,  Lakeside Nature Center and probably more. It's 90+ today so I am reminded of when we went to the outdoor Starlight theater (they have an indoor theater as well) to see Jim Gaffigan.  It was PACKED and over 100° that evening.  I enjoyed him, but it was miserable.  At the time I thought I bet he never comes back, and I don't think he has to-date!  

Lee's Summit, as in us, paid taxes toward the KC Zoo, so we could get season passes for something like half price, which we did for a couple of years.  No matter when the girls came, beginning of June, end of June, July  August, it seemed like it was nearly always the hottest and most humid week of the year.  So much for escaping the Houston heat and humidity for some fun outdoor play time.  So it was each of the 2 years we had the pass, we went to the zoo when they visited.  Since I had heat stroke I overheat extremely easy so, of course, I got very sick and had a massive migraine at the zoo.  It doesn't matter how much I drink or how cool I try to stay and one (yes, there are others🙂) of the reasons I can't do long-distance biking any more. It cut our day short, although considering the temperatures, that was a blessing for everyone.  Now when she visits, and we go somewhere, Alexa always comments that she hopes Grammy doesn't get sick like at the zoo.  All of the girls were very worried about me, even Pat!

No girl visits this summer.  Too many things going on there and with Covid, nothing happening here.  I think all area pools are closed for the season and playgrounds are still roped off.  Not quite the same for them in the RV versus a house either.  Since it's more pleasant visiting Houston during non-summer time, hopefully those that want, can sleep over when we are there in the fall.

Update on my 2-week-old arm burns.  I can even wear my Fitbit for short periods.

This arm was the worst.

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