Monday, June 1, 2020

Spring cleaning

We found another group of 8 goslings the othernight.  These seemed a little older. 

Everything we read prior to our journey said we would bring too much stuff.  Saturday we decided to go through our main storage areas, under our bed inside, and the double door storage area with the slide out tray in the basement.  We already took the folding table and chair I brought for my sewing machine to the storage unit.  I found it works as well to sew from the captains chair using the dash to set the machine on.

We didn't bring too many things we don't use.  I brought more quilting/sewing materials than I needed because, originally, Pat would still be working until this upcoming Aug. in Texas and I would need something to do.

We went through our tubs though and consolidated, changed some tub sizes, and did get rid of some stuff.  We hope to switch out our couch within a year for a pair of recliners or a double recliner.  To do this it will require us to decrease the amount of storage in our basement.  We won't lose a lot, but when you have limited storage to begin with, any you lose can have a big impact. I think we might be able to do it!

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