Friday, June 26, 2020

Good afternoon Iowa!!

We left Grain Valley, MO this morning at 9 and arrived at Solon, IA late this afternoon.   It was a longer day than usual. We are staying at Sandy Beach campground at Coralville, Lake.  It's about 10 minutes from Ely, IA where our youngest son lives.

Chris joined us at our campsite this afternoon.  Krikkit was beyond excited.  Dogs always have a favorite and Chris has been hers.  Pretty sure dogs never forget a person.  We headed into Ely to see Chris's new house.  He moved in last January and this was our first trip to see the completed house.  It is beautiful!  A few of our former possessions ended up there.  Seeing some of our things makes me feel even more at home at each of our children's homes.  We carried in from Odie's Bar & Grill in Ely for dinner.  I had the honey BBQ wings and tator tots--delicious! 

What looks like an ordinary pantry....

... opens into any entire room!

We were both tired tonight so we are retiring early.  Chris is coming tomorrow to help Pat install a new gizmo on our Firefly system.   Firefly controls most of the things, lights, a/c, furnace, generator and pretty much everything in our coach.  The new gizmo will enable us to control our coach remotely, hopefully.  

At any rate we said goodbye to Trailside RV park, the Butterfly trail, and the geese and their goslings (amazing how much they grew in 6 weeks).


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  1. We did enjoy our time with Chris. I will get more pictures when we come back in a month. Chris is housing us and our stuff for a couple of weeks while our RV is in the shop.