Friday, June 12, 2020

Where, oh where..

We only have a week and a half till we leave Grain Valley, MO.  Where will we go?  I've already asked for help for WI so you know we will be going there.  We aren't sharing the rest.🤐  It will definitely be cooler, but hopefully, not too cold.

Today was a brief, and disappointing trip, to Clay County, Missouri to see Jesse James birthplace and where he grew up.  It's located near Kearney, MO.  To tour the farmhouse you had to pay to go to the museum.  We thought we would just be able to roam the grounds so we had taken Krikkit, but at 90° we couldn't leave her in the car. Also, they had just left on a tour, and you had to sign up for a time on their deck and wait.  We decided it wasn't meant to be, and headed into Kearney to Mount Olivet Cemetery to see his grave, and that of his wife, Zerelda, also his first cousin.  Jesse died in 1882 (assassinated according to his tombstone) and was buried on the family farm.  In 1902 he was transferred to the Mount Olivet Cemetery.  His grandsons kept the house open to the public until it was sold to Clay County in 1978, and the county now runs it.  His grave was exhumed in 1995 to prove that he had really been buried there.  

Jesse James lived for a while in St. Joseph, MO and that is where he was assassinated.  A neighbor when I was growing up was originally from the St. Joseph, MO area.  She said when her mother was a little girl Jesse James stopped by their farm.  Her mother gave him a meal, which was common in those days, and he went on.  Her mother said he was very nice and thanked them.

We stopped in Blue Springs at Andy's Frozen Custard, founded in Missouri.  They have the best chocolate malts!  Pat had a cone and Krikkit got the free vanilla doggie cone (not that she was given a choice).  I won't go into the details 😁, but once a month I was able to get a small malt and this was my place of choice.  I see they now have 85 stores in 14 states, so if you have one....

I have spent the past 2 days sewing.  Before we left Lee's Summit over a year ago I cut out some things to sew, to use up a small fraction of my material and give me something to do.  The rest of my material (I am embarrassed to say how many tubs worth I had collected) I donated to a quilting group that makes quilts for children.  I had made the 3 older girls in Texas  a dress and skirt several years back.  Since I had the patterns I cut out something for my granddaughter in Boston.  Our plans changed, so I didn't start sewing until this spring.  Let's just saying the dress didn't fit!  So, I got a different pattern and I made a new one.  My grandson decided he wanted something too, so....  I have Samira's dress done and the shirt of Cyrus' matching shirt and shorts almost done.  He requested that the shirt and pants match and that they had butterfly's.  I still have to add a butterfly!  Next I'll owe Clara something.   The sad thing is you can buy clothes so much cheaper and nicer material, for kids anyway.

Hoping for another road trip tomorrow!

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