Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Help, I need a crane!

The Nelson-Adkins Museum of  Art in Downtown KC is closed until further notice.  It is normally open 6 days a week and is FREE.  It has collections from nearly every continent and culture, as well as a large collection of Asian art. Tuesday we went to see the "Donald J Hall Sculpture Park" which is located on the grounds of the museum.  There were several people, families and pets strolling the grounds.  A large open space between columns of trees with benches, had a young family playing ball.  Sitting on a bench as we entered, was an artist sketching one of the sculptures.  It was a gorgeous and very peaceful green space.

Front of Nelson-Adkins Museum of Art
Anyone know the name of the sculpture on the lawn?  There are 3 of them total.

Seated Woman, by Henry Moore (1898-1986), English, 1958-1959, cast 1983, bronze

Three Bowls, Ursula von Rydingsvard (1942), American of Polish descent, 1990, Cedar, graphite

Turbo, Tony Crag (1949), English, 2001, Bronze

Ferment, Roxy Paine, American (1966), 2011 Stainless steel, 35 feet x 35 feet

Untitled, Joel Shapiro (1941), cast 1992, bronze

Relief, Henry Moore (1898-1986), English, 1959, Bronze
Abstract form of a woman with her weight on her left hip and her right knee jutted forward.

The Thinker, Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), French, model 1880, cast after 1902, bronze 

Two Planes Vertical-Horizontal, George Ricky (1907-2002), American, 1968, Stainless steel

Our highlight for Tuesday was dinner with the Bostonians, 5 pm CDT/6 pm EDT.  Nothing more fun than spending our evening with them, catching up on their week.  Kids, young and old, make the days brighter!

An MRI today.  Not a failure,  but I don't feel like a success.  They had music (that could be heard, not always the case), a newer faster machine, and kind people.  I had meds to take, a blanket, a panic button, a wash rag over my eyes, what could happen?  Well, even though I took them earlier this time, my anxiety overpowered the anti-anxiety drugs again because I couldn't hear them talk to me (the most important thing for me).  I screamed, "I can't hear you" more than once!  That added to my anxiety because I figured they couldn't hear me.  Finally a panic attack started and I hit the button.  They come running out to get me out, but I said I didn't need out, I just need you to talk to me (I had told them that was #1 for completion for me). They said they had been, and I said I couldn't hear them, which in essence was them not talking to me. They did talk a little louder then, but I still could barely hear them.  

By this time I was in excruciating pain.  My legs were waited down, with the blanket under it and that was making me hot due to the impending panic attack (I had already thrown the wash rag off to get cool air to my face), and my feet were banded and my glute was throbbing (on a scale of 1-10 it was about 1,000) and it was affecting my whole leg and back.  When they were done I couldn't move my entire left side and I was in tears. I felt like all of the PT I'd done for weeks had gone out the window.  Anyone see, "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" I pictured them having to bring a crane in to get me up.  We finally did it--without the crane!

I did get a chocolate malt from Andy's Custard and take out from Panda Express for completing my test! 

Reminded me of when I was little.  We went to a very old dentist, didn't do x-rays (I think cavities weren't caught in their infancy), didn't use much Novocaine, only had a slow drill, and it HURT.  Despite my screaming and crying he gave me a dime each time for being good! Pat just said he should have just given me a dime, lol!

It's strange hearing someone walking on your roof.   Pat is washing the RV in preparation for our upcoming trip.  Lots of birds around here.  Need I say more?


  1. Dr L upstairs. Charged $4 per filling plus $1 more if 'base' required. He would ask if you wanted Novocaine. Always a difficult question for me as I knew it cost an extra $1 and Dad was standing right behind me. Finally learned to ask if base was required and, if so, YES to the Novocaine!

    1. He was white from head to foot, chewed gum,, and I was afraid he would have a heart attack with the drill in my mouth. Maybe Mom didn't pay the extra $1 for novacaine for me, lol!

  2. I dont think i want to be put to sleep. Just need a human to inform how much time is left and how long each test is.