Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Interesting spot, great wine too!

If you are in Kansas City be sure to visit Bevoir Winery and Inn.  We sat outside on the covered porch of the old Odd Fellows Home in Liberty, MO, where they are housed, and enjoyed lunch today, cheese, bruschetta rounds and a glass of wine each.  It was beautiful and comfortable on the covered porch, despite the hot temperatures.

The Odd Fellows Administration building, now the wine tasting and event areas.

Pat with lunch and wine.

We did a little free taste testing prior and I selected Naked Pink, a semi-sweet rose and Pat, Casanova, a semi-dry red.  We have been here several times and always look forward to going back.  The wine was excellent, and we purchased a bottle of each to take home.

The site itself and history is amazing!  The Odd Fellows aimed to provide shelter and care for those in need, such as the elderly, widowed, or orphaned. They built and operated this home in some form from the very late 1800's-1993, when it was purchased by the winery.  The winery began renovations at that time on the Administration Building which now houses the winery tasting room, event spaces, and 9 over-night guest rooms upstairs.  The outside grounds are gorgeous and would be perfect for a wedding.  It is listed on the National Historic Register.

Wine tasting room

One of the sitting rooms

Event room

"George" (not his real name), died in 1880 and donated his body to science.  The skeleton was returned at his request to use in their initiation rituals, where a skeleton was used as a reminder of mortality.  All Odd Fellow groups called their skeleton "George."

The other two main buildings still standing include the Old Hospital and the Old Folks Building.  They are in various stages of disrepair and are not open to visitors, but you can roam the grounds.  We were told it would take a mere 22 million to renovate them.

The Old Folks Building, which has the morgue in the basement with lab coats still hanging there. 
Back of the Old Folks Building and on the right the Old Hospital

There is a haunted side to this place!  Many people have had paranormal experiences here.  They regularly offer paranormal investigations, open to the public.  They have even been featured on the TV show Ghost Adventurers.  

I am sorry that we have not had the opportunity to stay overnight, or experience a paranormal investigation.  We would like to do both.  Good reasons to come back!

For more information on Belvoir winery and the history on the Odd Fellows site in Liberty you can go to:  http://www.belvoirwinery.com/.


  1. I know that place. We have been there, I think maybe with you guys although my memory about who we were with is vague. But I do remember the wine tasting room and walking around the grounds. And when we lived in Independence we used to drive by it regularly. Based on the dates it would have still been owned by the Oddfellows at that time.