Monday, June 22, 2020

Last Monday in Grain Valley

Trailside RV park is not big, and on the older side, but has very nice people.  The county has allowed pools to open, with a limited attendance, and they are working on getting their pool open.  Bathrooms and showers aren't open yet so you need to be self-contained.  It's very conveniently located to fast food (particularly my Sonic), a larger grocery store and even a movie theater, although it hasn't opened up yet.  Grain Valley is a nice little town.

Today was a busy one for me.  PT in the morning in Grain Valley, Chiropractor in the afternoon in Independence, lock-smith (Pat had a key break off the other day) and dentist late in the afternoon in Lee's Summit. 

Tonight we made a trip back to Independence just to go to Smoothie King.  The promised rain over the past few days hasn't materialized, but it is very much needed.  It was cooler tonight so we enjoyed our Smoothies outside, until the bugs hit.  I appear to be like a magnet for them and I have the bites to prove it!  My Dad use to also attract the mosquitoes, so maybe it's something hereditary?  Wonder if my brothers also attract them?  The RV is opened up for the night and the fresh air feels good.

Hoping we can see a couple of sites tomorrow.  Weds. PT, and my favorite--one more MRI.  Thursday will be packing day.

I've talked about the War Memorial on the Butterfly Trail across from us.  A few days ago I noticed the memorial was surrounded by these flowers, just starting to grow and bloom.  Anyone know what they are?  They are very pretty!


  1. The brother in Iowa seems to

    1. I guess our family is just too sweet. I'd like some sweet corn too (the real kind from Iowa)!