Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Journey begins, part 11

On Oct. 29th we spent our first travel night in St. Claire, PA in a Walmart parking lot.  It was convenient with Home Depot and Tractor Supply adjoining.  We were in coal country.  St. Claire is known for making squibs, fuses and caps for mining. Just across the parking lot was Vitosi's pizza, place with coal-fired pizza.  Did you know coal burns cleaner than wood?  The pizza and bread, by the way, were fantastic!

Coal Country

The night of Oct. 30 was spent in Waynesboro. VA at Cracker Barrell.  I was excited to visit Shenendoah National Park.  I would get to scratch off yet another National Park off my map. was fogged in.  Not just foggy, but you could see nothing.  In fact we got off at the exit and turned around.  There was nothing to be seen.  We were on a short time schedule so I resigned myself to the fact that we would have to visit another time.

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