Thursday, June 4, 2020

Fixes and Fails - BBQ

When we first started considering full-time RVing, we knew there was no way we could bring our Weber Genesis propane grill, but we still wanted something.  I felt I had actually gotten pretty good at smoking ribs on the Weber and we did not want to give that up.

Luckily, our youngest son had a Weber Q200, which is a fairly small portable grill, and since he had recently purchased a house with a nice patio, agreed to swap with us.

With the Genesis, I had determined that I could shut-off the back two burners and place some wood chips in foil on the front burner to create a smoker.  Unfortunately, the Q200 only has one burner and it is basically a rectangle that goes around the grill.  There is no way to get indirect heat, so after looking online, I discovered that Weber used to sell an aluminum tray that could be used to deflect the direct heat.  Problem is they discontinued it.  I was able to find this stainless pan with a rack, that works well.

Another problem is that even on low the Q200 heats up fairly fast.  I had been using the 3-2-1 method for my ribs. 3 hours unwrapped on the grill with smoke, 2 hours wrapped in foil, and 1 hour back on the grill un-wrapped with sauce.  With the higher temperatures, this just seemed like too long, so I cut it in half. 1.5 hours on the grill, 1 hour wrapped in foil, and 1/2 hour unwrapped on the grill with sauce.

Turned out pretty good, but Ann still says it taste too much like meat, so I am going to try adding some wood chips in foil the next time along with her favorite BBQ sauce (Mamma's Spice from Hawg Jaw in North KC) since we just picked up a quart of it. By the way, next to the ribs is a foil packed with a sliced up Zucchini and butter.

I have used the pan and rack to cook chicken breasts, which have turned out well; corn bread in a cast iron skillet; and meatloaf (did not taste good, but could have been the recipe or the Italian seasoning, which we pitched)

 I have two other BBQ essentials.  The BBQ tools I got from my brother at Christmas.  Thanks Luke.

I think he got them at a convention and re-gifted.

Finally the Meater probe, which lets me monitor temperature of both the meat and the grill on my phone using Bluetooth.  Got it from my son for Christmas. Thanks Chris.

Since it's 90° plus out today, we are going to try Pizza on the grill.  Wish us luck.



  1. How was the pizza? It looks good. Now that I'm retired I think I'll try grilled pizza again. My past attempts have not been the best, but they were not well researched.

    1. Pizza was great, not much of a recipe. Ann's was a premade crust and mine was a low carb tortilla covered in cheese and stuff.

    2. Pat wouldn't want actual crust, so even if I had yeast it wouldn't be worth it.

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