Monday, June 8, 2020

Plans change

Our plans have changed for July.  Being retired, one day, one week, and even one month just runs into another.  We finally decided on where to go in July, only to realize tonight, that over July 4th might be difficult.  Pat was finally successful in getting a place over the 4th and surrounding days, but the battle isn't over!

Two goals for tomorrow.  We will spend the day planning the rest of July.  THEN we have to find a winter park for the 3 or 4 months down in the valley.  Having to constantly plan where "home" will be is challanging for me.  Looks like one more day of super hot weather.  Maybe we can get out and get some exercise!

Game Day

Last night Krikkit fell asleep with her bunny!


  1. We have moved enough that doesn't bother me. I just get tired of constantly looking for someplace. I guess that lets me look forward to winter when we stay somewhere for 3 or so months.

  2. Except for our last house. I wasn't allowed to do anything. We knew we wouldn't be there more than 4 years, so we looked for something I could live with, inside and out. Any time I would mention doing something I would get the evil eye, lol.