Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Journey begins, part 14

We stayed at Jamaica Beach Resort in Galveston through most of December.  Shelling on Jamaica Beach was a favorite activity of mine. As with quilt material I enjoyed finding shells, but didn't do anything with them!

The beach was across the highway and down a ways--easy to walk to.  We also rode our bikes there a couple of times.  Krikkit had her first bike ride there in her Petique Jogger and loved it.

We were staying here long enough that I set up my sewing machine, and with Pat's mathematical skills figured out from a picture how to cut out the pieces for a baby quilt I wanted to make. 

We were close enough to Houston to be able to go to grand-kid activities.  The first thing we went to was the band Spaghetti dinner.  All of the bands played so we got to hear Emma in the La Porte Junior High band.  She is an extraordinary saxophone player!  We also went to one of Emma's  cross country meets.

A free ferry runs from Galveston to Port Bolivar on Bolivar Peninsula 24 hours a day.  You can walk or take your car (also RV's and semis).  We took the car so we could explore when we got to the peninsula.  Krikkit had to stay in the car on the ferry but we got out and looked around.  We saw a couple of dolphins, large ships, Fort Travis, and the Bolivar Lighthouse.  On Bolivar Peninsula we visited Fort Travis and Crystal Beach where I went shelling.

Ferry dock

Krikkit enjoying the ferry ride.

Seawolf Park on the Galveston side

We enjoyed the beautiful weather and tried our hand at shuffleboard.

Trips to Circle Park were always enjoyed!


Next: part 15, Jamaica Beach continues.

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