Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Journey begins, part 10

Our next stop was Cambridge, MA on Oct. 24.  If you've ever been to the Boston area you would know it's no place for a 35' motorhome!  With winter coming on, it was getting harder to find RV parks that were still opened.  We found a spot in Middleborough, MA at a KOA.  Just a couple of blocks away was a kennel for Krikkit.  This would be the first time we had both been able to be present for Samira's birthday, her fourth.

Middleborough, MA KOA
On the 25th we took off for Cambridge, about an hours drive.  It was a weekend filled with swimming lessons, lots of Lego building, and Samira's birthday party at a local swimming pool, along with pizza and mini-pumpkin decorating.  We had so much fun. Cambridge is always refreshing, since walking is one of the predominate means of transportation.  There are lots of neighborhood shopping areas.  Just a block away they have a store that offers a deli (on Sats. they often have a table out front with a hot lunch), a small selection of fresh vegetables and fruits, and my favorite, fabulous cookies, scones, and other delectable baked goodies.  I love to walk down with Cyrus and Samira.  There are other shops not far that can be walked to also.  Since most houses have small yards there are many neighborhood parks.  It's interesting because you often find small riding toys that people have left for others to play with.

On the 28th we walked Cyrus to school with Josh, while Zia drove Samira to her school, then we headed back to pick up Krikkit and return to our RV.  On the 29th, before we left Middleborough we visited Plymouth, MA.  We went to Pilgrim Rock State Park and Plymouth Rock. This is where they claim the Pilgrims landed on the Mayflower, but there is some debate about this.  We went to Plymouth Bay Winery, had some samples, purchased some wine jellies, and a very expensive bottle of wine, $60-- counting the parking ticket!

William Bradford, Governor and Historian of the Plymouth Colony

Next: we begin our trip to our winter destination in Texas.

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  1. Pat likes a drier wine. I like semi-sweet but I have no more than a sip so I'd never finish a bottle!