Monday, May 18, 2020


I lived through my MRI this morning.  I know surprising. I know it's irrational but...  So glad that's done, and I'm sure they are just as glad for me to be done.  He said it was a new state-of-the-art-machine (they always say that) but it was done in 18 minutes!
Grocery shopping, and an eye appointment I almost missed this afternoon.   3 or 4 more doctor visits this week.  We allowed 2 weeks so I don't know if we'll stay next week or move on.   Where to?  I have no idea!

We had buffalo chicken pizza tonight.  A little spicy for me but good.  Tomorrow is National Devil's Food Cake day!  Anyone else planning something to celebrate???


  1. Glad to hear the MRI went fine. Devil's food cake sounds good, but I don't want a whole cake. It's also national dinosaur day.

    1. I believe May 15th and June 1 are International and National Dinosaur Day, although I'm not sure which is which.

  2. We had devil's food/cherry cake. Pat did a good job.