Saturday, May 2, 2020

Quiet day

We didn't do much today.   People are out more on the weekends, so we try to stay home and do our exploring during the week.  Laundry, made a few more face masks of different kinds to see if we like one better than the other, and picked up our first carry-out order in weeks--pizza!  Very tasty.

Pat dug out sewing stuff from the basement for me.  What I needed wasn't there though.  I did find a few treasures I'd forgot about.

Mid 80's today  We even turned on the air-conditioning.  Cools down this week to a comfortable temperature.  Whether it was busy, or lazy like ours, we hope you had an enjoyable day!


  1. I need to make some masks. We have to wear them in Illinois now. Church starts back next weekend and we have to wear one. I have an appointment at Red Cross blood mobile tomorrow but I think they will give me one. I have tried calling Red Cross to see if I can donate because of surgery but never got a real person to ask. Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Especially now you would think they would give you a definite answer rather than maybe make you show up unnecessarily. We should probably look into doing that.