Friday, May 22, 2020

Butterfly Trail

Across from our our RV park is a nice figure 8 trail that's about a mile long.  Butterfly Trail goes around what looks like 2 ponds, but is actually just one.  We spent a lot of time last spring walking the asphalt trail and also rode our bikes there frequently.  We spent our time watching the goslings in a goose family grow. 

We walked over last night and Krikkit was on a high with wonderful smells, almost like she remembered it.  In fact, she walked almost entirely around it.  The first pond was geese-less but the second one had a gaggle floating out in the middle.  Not be disappointed, at the far end were 2 geese and 3 goslings. 

Four butterfly gardens had been created around the trail and the gardeners were there working.  Each garden had a sign describing one of the 4 stages of a butterfly and a variety of plants to attract them. The plants were very young and included a variety of Butterfly weed, Purple Cornflower, Phlox, Aster, Ninebark and probably others.

Near the center of the trail is the Legacy Plaza honoring all veterans.  It is in phase 1 so they must have plans to add to it.

We took a long walk over on the Butterfly Trail today.  Well, no further on it I guess than last night, but we continued on to Sonic for half price drinks. We got a cup of water for Krikkit, who apparently doesn't like hers cold.  As we were going past where the majority of the geese cross I commented on their droppings and learned a new saying from Pat, "like S*** through a goose!"  Learn something new every day! It rained around noon, but the sun felt downright hot this afternoon, although it was only in the mid 70's.

To have any procedure at the hospital in Lee's Summit you must have a Covid test.  Drive through testing was today.   They fly it to South Carolina and the results are supposed to be back Tues., the day before my procedure.  She said if they don't get me called that probably means it's negative,  because if it's positive EVERYONE will be calling me.  It didn't hurt, but I did wonder how far in they went when I got a nosebleed about 3 hours after.

Sounds like a great weekend here.  It's supposed to be in the mid 80's, with possibly some rain Sunday.  We hope your weekend looks as beautiful!

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  1. We go for their half price drinks too often. I can always walk further if there's something at the other end,lol!