Tuesday, May 19, 2020


With a dog in 300 sq. ft., it can get a little smelly in here, and rather quickly! Fortunately,  Pat and I don't contribute to that smell, lol.  We invested in a Hathaspace, smart true HEPA air purifier, https://hathaspace.com/.  Excited that it arrived today.  

It has a 5 in 1 purification  system and a smart air quality sensor that allows it to automatically adjust speeds to smells.  One reviewer said her kids liked to fart to get it to adjust it's speed.  It appears quiet on all speeds, and a feature important to us, it doesn't take up much space.  I'm hoping it helps with our midwest allergies too.  We have it up and running, so we are anxious to see how well it performs.

Yesterday appointments, today errands.  I had to run a couple of medical errands, and Pat made a quick trip to Menards for supplies for upkeep/repairs while we are trying to stay away from others.  Menards requires face masks, which we appreciate.  We wear them to help protect others, and we appreciate others who wear them to help protect us.  We prefer to do curb-side pick-up, but when we can't we prefer a store that requires madks.

Hope you also have nice weather to enjoy!


  1. I love going to Menards. I get alot of rebate stuff. I use some stuff for our churches bingo prizes. Hope you are dry where you are!

  2. Somehow, no idea how, I deleted your comment and it wouldn't let me repost it so it is now posted as ours! It's been one of those days. I enjoy going to Menards too. We are dry here, but not for long. It's doing to warm up and then the rain comes.