Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Camp Mi Casa

Dinner with the Bostonians tonight.  Dinosaur movies appeared to be a hit at their house today.  It's so nice to spend time with them!  It was International Limerick day, so I wrote "somewhat of a Limerick" about each of the kids and read it to them.  I'll have to see what holiday, and I use that term loosely, falls on next Tuesday.

The RV park we are staying in, Camp Mi Casa, used to be a mobile home park.  About 5 years ago a couple bought it and turned it into an RV park.  One of their many improvements included putting in a large field of solar panels to provide power for the park.

It appears they have quite a few people here that are full-time residents.  There are also a large number of  RVers right now that are working on erecting a new wind farm near Asbury, MO.  Many of them are here with their families.  There are 2 wind farms being developed in S.E. MO.  Both are expected to have 69 wind turbines, with each turbine being 600' tall from the ground to the tip.

Then there are just a few of us that are temporary residents.  We are staying a month and will be leaving May 17.  Usually you get quite a break for committing to a month, so even if you don't stay quite the whole month, it often is the cheaper route.  Being on a monthly rate, however, you often have a meter and have to pay your actual electric charges, whereas daily rates include electric, resulting in the higher daily rates.  Being metered is normally good for us.  Our heat and water heater are propane, and our solar (we love sunny days) charges the batteries, which run everything except the air conditioners, washer, dryer and cooktop, so we don't use a lot of electricity.

We stopped by our 5 X 10' storage unit yesterday.  It's all I have left of our former life.  Some days I'm OK with that, but honestly some days it makes me pretty sad.  We dropped off two things we had hauled around all year and didn't need, which I thought was pretty good since its tough deciding what of your 3,000 sq. foot house to take.  I had tried to put things in front in the storage unit that I might need,  and sure enough one of the tubs with wall stuff was there.  I don't have a lot of wall space in the RV but I retrieved a few things to make my space feel a little more like home.

Paintings depicting the four seasons, painted by my daughter-in-law, Toni Pieper in 2009.  I had always wished I had her make them bigger but am glad now I didn't!

Painting by Toni Pieper, 2004

Today was cold and gloomy, but...
"The sun will come out tomorrow
So you gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow, come what may!
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow
You're always a day away!"
Songwriters:  Charnin Martin / Strouse Charles


  1. I'm tired of rain but otherwise things aren't too bad!

  2. I thought I made a post yesterday but I don't see it. I was wondering where your travels will be taking you next when you leave Carthage.

    1. We aren't going far, Grain Valley. I have several doctors apps. beginning with an MRI Mon. My hip is fine and now the thought again is my lower back but my current MRI is 3 years old. Then I go to another spinal specialist.

  3. Ok, it looks like it changed my profile name but I don't think my post went through so I'm trying again. I'm wondering where your travels will take you next after you leave Carthage. --- Sally