Friday, May 29, 2020

Sunny, mid 70's, breezy--perfect day

We ordered stickers tonight for our RV and car.  One way to advertise our blog to the RV world.  We should get the proofs on Mon. and they should be ready later in the week.  Neither of us are good at getting things on straight so we'll see!

I talked about Krikkit's pet stroller on her page but since we had 2 people stop us and ask about it last week, I thought I would share it on the blog tonight.  Petique's,, has been invaluable.  Their all-terrain-Pet-Jogger has enabled Krikkit to go with us places she otherwise couldn't. She's too heavy and awkward to carry, although Pat has done it, so we no longer have to leave her at home because it might be too far for her to walk.  Believe me, when she is tired she lays down and that's it.  This stroller is amazing! We have been able to take her on the beach and on many hiking trails. Better yet, she wants to get in it. They also have an attachment to make it a bike trailer.  It folds and sets up easily, and no problem fitting it in the trunk of our smaller car (Chevy Sonic).  She is happiest with the front open, but it does zip shut and has two straps to hook to her collar to, hopefully, keep her from going after a squirrel.  Entry can be in the back or through the front. We haven't used it, but it also came with a rain cover.  On the back are 2 small pockets, one with a flap, to put small items in.  I would highly recommend it.

We had the stroller, but I didn't think we would be walking too far so we didn't take it with us.  

We are trying to up our exercise.  Pat walked 2 laps this morning and 2  tonight around the Butterfly Trail. I did half that amount.  I have had constant bursitis and sciatica pain for nearly 16 months and can't stand up straight.  I have been to doctors all along our route without much luck.  Back ?home in Lee's Summit I think I have found the cause.  A herniated disk, arthritis and bone spurs pinching a nerve.  Thankful for my primary, orthopedic surgeon and pain management doctors. Lot's of possibilities for the future, but for now I had another spinal injection yesterday.  I feel upbeat today as pain has greatly decreased.  Anyway, I will take it easy for a few days.  Next week I start PT and myofascial release.  

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