Friday, May 15, 2020

Winding down

Precious Moments Chapel, Carthage, MO
3 more nights here!  This may have been one of the nicest days we've had, 79°, partly cloudy to sunny, and a fantastic breeze!  Took advantage of the day and gave Krikkit a good bath.  Lots of suds!  She may not appreciate it, but we sure do.  She layed outside on her bed and sun/wind dried.

I had hoped to go to the Precious Moments Chapel while we were here, as it's just outside of Carthage.  It, however, is still closed.  I certainly agree with that so maybe we'll just have come back sometime.  We had to go to Walgreens today (drive-thru) so we drove out to check out the chapel.  Very pretty on the outside.  I felt very young, There were 2 other cars with much older people.  A Smart car contained 2 little old ladies who were having a picnic in the picnic area.

Picnic area
I revise why I don't like audio books.  I fell asleep last night AND this afternoon!  I am about 2/3 through Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMB.

You won't get this today because it's  Pat's night to post, but I hope you didn't miss National Dance Like a Chicken Day today.😋

Today was a washout.  Started raining during the night and didn't quit till mid afternoon.   There is so much water everywhere, the ground is soooo saturated.  Krikkit did not like the storm, never does.  She gets disoriented at night on top of it.  Pretty sure Pat was fake snoring, just like when babies woke up in the middle of the night!😉  I finally pulled her bed into the living room at 4 a.m., padded the couch, and layed down with my arm hanging over the couch and my hand on her.  That seemed to calm her down.

Tonight we finished the "flop" meatloaf.  A new recipe a few days ago, although it seems like it's been weeks.  It had Italian Seasoning and seemed low carb.  It was horrible!  You know it's bad when Pat doesn't like it.  We repurposed it in leftover Chili, enchiladas, and Pat had it in wraps.  Seems like it lasted forever. I didn't rate it in "My Cookbook," I DELETED it.  "My Cookbook" is a nice app for us for storing recipes.  I have no actual physical cookbook with me.  Pat bought some kind of cheesy cauliflower crackers at Cosco.  They stink (I don't like cauliflower) and Pat said they don't taste good and they don't have much cheese.   I got some sweet potato crackers, however, and they are pretty good.

With lots of rain predicted Friday and Saturday we packed up our outside stuff, grill, table, sign, flag, dog stuff, and mat last night.  No reason to put wet stuff in the basement!

Tonight we're  headed back to the drive-in for Sonic the Hedgehog. Popcorn is popped and ready to go. The latest Jumanji movie is the second feature but we've seen it, so hopefully I can at least stay awake for the first one.  Nope, I didn't make it!

Enjoy your weekend!