Wednesday, May 6, 2020

A different stretch of the Ruby Jack Rail Trail

We walked a different section of the Ruby Jack Rail Trail today, heading West towards Carl Junction, MO.  It was an older, but wider section than the one we were on before that headed towards Carthage.  It too was a well packed limestone and one of the best drained rail trails we've been on.

Nothing unusual but saw several varieties of wildflowers.  This trail section was more wooded, and the part of it we walked, was more rural, with just a farm here and there.  Saw cows, horses, and a Cardinal, bird not baseball player.

Anyone know what this is?  Lots of them, some pretty tall.

I received a picture of my grandaughter today making use of what she had on hand, or rather foot, to carry the treasures she found on their walk. 😃 I tried it out.  Grandpa tried to get her to try and store her rocks in her socks, but no go.  Her Mom said she decided after a while that transporting that way didn't work too well.

We walked about 6,000 steps with Krikkit walking close to half of that. I need to get logged in to "Map my Walk" on my new phone to track miles.  I always think of it after we start.

Since we didn't come close to Carl Junction we drove there to check it out.  It's a growing town with a population  of nearly 7500.  In early days they did lead mining.  Two railroads intersected here and later they were both taken over by Frisco. In Aug. 1892, they discovered the fossilized remains of 2 adult and 2 infant elephants from the extinct species Elepha Americanus.  Their claim to fame I guess.


  1. We drove through Carl Junction every time we went from Frontenac to Joplin during our visits when the kids lived there. We never got to visit long enough to do much exploring so it is interesting reading about your adventures in the area. Sally

    1. I'm not sure we did much exploring in Carl Junction but we did check it out. I like to find a unique or interesting tidbit about the places we visit.