Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Journey began, part 8

On Oct. 11 we left Timberland Campground for Bass Harbor Campground in Maine.  We were having problems finding campgrounds as many start closing for the season mid October.

Sunset from Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Temperatures in Bass Harbor weren't bad.   Highs were in the 50's, with night temperatures only varying a few degrees.   We walked from our campground to the Bar Harbor working lighthouse.   The last "keeper" was in 1957 and then the Coast Guard took over.  The Coast Guard turned it over to Acadia National Park in 2018.  It had a small parking lot so cars were lined up on the road-- one leaves, one gets to go in.  A poor British lady was going car to car telling people to pass her.  Her husband went ahead to take pictures while she waited in line, and he took the camera and also the car keys!!😃  To top it off it was her birthday.   Bet  he owed her big!  We also took the path to ship harbor.  Krikkit made it down, and fortunately back up, quite a few stairs, as well as walking over a pretty rough path in spots.   She was rewarded and excited to run across a couple of chipmunks.  She was in bed early that night!  We went back to the lighthouse another evening to watch the sunset.

Sea wall

??Mt. Acadia--not.  Pat took us all directions on "paths" before giving up. 😁  We walked a very short distance on the Acadia trail and also saw Echo Lake.

Echo Lake

Krikkit camouflaged on the Acadia Trail.

There are 50+ carriage trails in Acadia National Park, courtesy of John D. Rockefeller Jr., built between 1913 and 1940.  We rode our bikes on one that left from the Hulls cove visitor center.  Didn't see any carriages, but lots of walkers, joggers, and bikers.  Beautiful scenery and granite faced bridges. We drove back part way on the park loop road which had gorgeous scenery.

We stopped at Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound, serving "high-end" lobsters, where legend has it that they have a uniquely humane method of killing the lobsters. You'll have to guess what that is.  The lobster roll and chowder we shared were delicious (can't believe I actually enjoyed lobster)!🦀  We went back again to try something else and she gave us the "locals" discount.  She was getting ready to close for the season.

We had one of the worst storms we have experienced this year here.  LOTS of wind.  A couple of trees down in our campground, with 1 hitting someone's RV.  Power was still out when we left on the 18th.

Next week part 9: Wolfe's Neck Oceanfront Camping

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