Monday, May 11, 2020

A return home

Sunday we went to Joplin and followed Route 66 west.  We found some interesting things, but Galena, KS definitely promoted the historic route better than any other.  Really enjoyed our trip through that town.  Galena is the oldest mining town in Kansas.  It is named after the mineral "galena," a lead sulfide ore that was mined there.  The town inspired Disney-Pixar's hit film Cars.

The old Kan-O-Tex station is now a cafe and sitting in front is the tow truck that inspired the tow truck Mator.

Coming back to our RV park we went through Webb City.  We've been through there many times but I finally got a picture I've wanted to share with everyone.

Hands of Hope, 32', 100 ton statue created by Jack Dawson

10' tall Kneeling Miner, created by Webb City artist Jack Dawson, commemorates the city's early history of lead mining.

I had a nice Mother's Day.  I hope everyone else did as well!  I went nostalgic for my dinner.  As a young girl we ate out once a year, partly because I had depression era parents, (don't spend money you don't need to, and don't waste it on things you don't have to have), and also because my Dad hated to see the food waste in restaurants.  We ate out once a year on Mother's Day.  We would get Kentucky Fried Chicken, which my Mom really liked, and go to the park for a picnic.  It was chilly out so we took our KFC back to the RV, although Pat said technically it was an RV "park."  I wasn't as good as they were, but I think Pat and I did pretty well in forgoing a lot of extras in the present to save for our future.  I hope some of this frugality was passed on to our kids.  Of course, you still have to live a little in the present!

Today, Mon., was doctor day in Lee's Summit for both of us, or at least the start of it.  Found out my hip is in great shape.  I'm glad,  but concerned that there's another vote for my back being the problem.  I have an MRI coming up and another visit with a different spinal specialist.  I will be anxious to compare the new MRI with the old one.  When you start talking about messing with disc's it scares me!  3 doctor visits down for me, only 5 to go, lol!

All Cuddle Up Pup personnel in LS were so excited to have Krikkit back for the day.  One young lady said someone texted her at 10 to say Krikkit had arrived.  She yelled, "good-by Krikkit, I love you."  Someone else said they had a good time.  She's a lucky, and very tired dog, who slept most of the way back to the RV!

A 2 hour drive back to Carthage the rain.

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