Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Back at it...

We went for a ride today.  Near Bass Pro in Independence there's Water Falls park with, surprisingly enough, a waterfall.  It's man-made.  You'll have to use your imagination as they didn't have the water going!

Didn't stay way from the convection oven long.  Made cornbread tonight to go with our grilled Salmon.  Used the lower rack and have a pair of long oven gloves in the Amazon cart.  Tonight was dinner with Josh's family. A nice dinner followed by story time.  Zia and Cyrus were reading Shell Silverstein poems like a play, each portraying a different character in the poem. It nearly makes me cry (happy tears) when a grandchild learns to read.

They read one poem, "Helping," that Zia recognized as a song in Free to be...You and Me.  We were trying to decide if he wrote it for the album or if they just got rights to use it.  Didn't find that out, but I was surprised to see Tom Smothers sang it.  I'm sure younger people don't know who that is, but I use to watch the controversial Smothers Brothers Comedy hour every week.  Pat and I were just referring to one of their skits the other day, "passe" vs. "passed away!"

Enjoy the little things!


  1. Internet and cell phones! Pat couldn't come into the hospital with me this morning so they told me to bring my cell phone to call him to drive up and get me. They ended up calling him though.