Sunday, May 3, 2020

The Journey began, part 6...

We left Four Mile Creek State Park Sept. 26 headed for Bruce Creek Campground in Dolgeville, NY.  We were going hunting for Herkimer Diamonds, which are really just quartz.  5 miles from the campground the "stop engine" light came on and we entered hobble mode, which allowed us to go a whopping 5 mph.  We were fortunately on the edge of Fairfield, NY.  No more than a blip on the map I walked into town and the Highway Department said we could spend the night down the road from them.

After a few, ok a lot of phone calls and frustration we found out we weren't getting towed that night. It was a cold night!  We practiced cold weather RVing with no power.  Our lead-acid batteries didn't hold up too well.  We played a lot of gin rummy by flashlight. The next day, courtesy of Freightliner, we were towed to Cummins in Syracuse, New York.  No, we were going back the way we came from!  It was late Friday, so they couldn't look at our RV until Monday.  Sadly the towing company messed up the front of the RV and we wouldn't be able to get that fixed until we arrived in Houston in November.

We were plugged in at Cummins and right across the street was the Hofmann Sausage Factory.   We were told one of the best places to eat was Heid's, which only serves Hofman hot dogs and sausages.  I had a Frank with sauerkraut and Pat had the Mixed Double with a Frank and a Coney with kraut.  Adjacent was an ice cream parlor but we had no room.  Went to what I believe is the largest mall I've been to, 7 stories, and it had a small attached outlet mall.  Over 200 stores.

Long story short, on Monday they determined we needed a new turbo which they installed Tues. morning.  We left Syracuse Tues. afternoon and stopped at Green Lakes SP, New York for the night.  Green lake,  was formed by a glacier and is a meromictic lake, the layers of the lake water don't mix.  This gives it it's green color. Beautiful State Park and a beautiful day to be here.  Huge beach that surrounds one end. We visited Old Erie Canal State Historic Park and walked a stretch of the old Erie canal this morning.

Reflections at Green Lake State Park

Erie Canal

Next week part 7:  Quechee, Vermont

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