Monday, May 25, 2020

Now I'm not allowed to use the convection oven!

First I was banned from power equipment.  The way I saw it the cord was in the way of the power hedge clippers anyway.  Then they wouldn't let me help with Christmas lights.  Honestly, I barely felt the shock.  Anyone could run over a vacuum cord, right?  I didn't make much of a case for myself when, the day after Pat and Chris spent an entire afternoon replacing the retractable cord, I did it again.  I was ok with a cord repair the second time, and obviously the retractable part wasn't meant to be. Now, by the way, I have a cordless vacuum.

Then came sharp knives.  They were adamant about that one.  If Pat sees a sharp knife in my hand he comes running.  I'm not even allowed to wash them.  I quit bleeding fairly quickly, and in my defense,  all of my finger parts are there, or have grown back.

I'm finally figuring out how to bake with the convection oven.  I love banana cream pie and my bananas were just right.  I baked the pie crust and was being careful not to break the edges when I took it out of the oven.  Once again the oven is above my head and the top rack, which is way up there, cooks the best.  Get where this is going yet?  I have a stool which makes me a little taller but did I really need to get it out?  I guess so.  I got a burn on each arm from the rack. Pat shook his head. I put in the bananas, filling, and meringue topping and it was really full. You think I spilled it, don't you? Well. I didn't. I got it in the oven and 10 minutes later I pulled my little stool out, pulled out some different hot pads and yes, I burnt both arms again! I think I burnt one on the rack and the other one flew over and hit the side of the oven.   Pat was beside himself, "did you use the stool?"  I proudly announced, "yes I did."  He ranted and raved for a while, by which time I had found the solarcaine. Somewhere in there he claimed the convection oven was off limits. Fortunately, he had previously offered to do the dishes (he did claim I got nearly every pan and utensil dirty) because I couldn't stick my hands in the hot water now.  Was it worth it?  Yes and no.  Despite what the sites proclaimed the coconut/almond milk made it very runny.  It tasted good as I basically drank it, the bananas, crust and meringue were also good.  So I enjoyed that while Pat cleaned up my mess!


  1. Ouch! Those kind of burns hurt for a long time. I know, I've burned myself a few times on oven parts as well as a curling iron. (It's not a good idea to grab the hot end of a curling iron.)😊 Too bad the pie didn't turn out better but if it tasted good that is all that counts.

    1. They hurt at the time but they don't seem as bad as some. Pat said they'll get worse. Thanks Pat! I made him do dinner dishes because water doesn't feel so good.

  2. They aren't as bad as some. I had to have a routine upper scope today. I told Pat they asked about them, and he's lucky they didn't call social services! When doctors offices ask if I feel safe at home, I would like to say, "not from myself."