Monday, May 4, 2020

Ann cooks!

Woke up to sunshine and then the rain came.  Pretty hard for while, then just sprinkles here and there.  Severe weather predicted for after 5 p.m.

Pat grilling in the rain tonight.  Thank you!
I was out of interfacing, both for face masks and a dress for my grandaughter, and I could find it no where.  JoAnn's opened today and they had some featherweight, fusible.  My preference was curb-side pick-up, but the app wouldn't go for it, so we went to Joplin.

Only 19 in the store at once and they had it set up so there was 6' between you and employees.  To be open they were required to stop and sanitize surfaces and wash hands at regular intervals.  I only had to wait in a fairly well-spread-out line for a few minutes to get in.

Sunday was a cooking day for me.  I don't have many!!  In the morning Pat helped me make Double Chocolate Cheesecake Muffins, by Dinners, Dishes & deserts.  They are delicious!  With 24 they will last me a long time. I froze over half, but I'm not sure how well the cheesecake part will hold up in the freezer. I made a couple of little cheesecakes with just the filling for Pat (he's not a fan of chocolate), but he thought they had too much sugar.  Is there really such a thing, lol?  He asked what made them muffins and not cupcakes.  I don't know, but muffins mean breakfast to me and I'm running with it!  I need to get individual muffin cups, both because the foil liners don't hold their shape, and supposedly they cook more evenly in the microwave convection oven 2-3" apart.  Cups as opposed to a muffin tin because cups will be easier to store.

It poured and the wind blew pretty hard around 10 a.m. Sunday.  It may have even hailed a little.  The storm probably didn't even last an hour.   We sat out most of the afternoon with a high in the low 70's.  We've been trying to keep Krikkit from jumping around, and at least today, it looked like it may have paid off.  She was eager to walk around the RV park and seemed pretty peppy.

Pat grilled chicken in the afternoon for my dinner, Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Ring by Tasty, with ranch dressing and celery.  Pat likes Buffalo dips and he rated this one a 5.  I liked it too, but I have to limit too much spiciness.  He helped, a lot, with this too.  We only used one chicken beast so I have a tortilla roll-up-recipe planned for the other one.

 Sunday night we checked out Sling-TV.  Because of Covid 19 they are offering it free after 4 p.m., CDT.  What I wanted isn't on, but once Pat found Curse of Oak Island any other search came to a halt!

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