Monday, July 27, 2020

A change in plans

We were supposed to stay here until Weds., but...  Pat realized we were double booked tomorrow night, so we decided to pack up today and head out tomorrow.  

We had more packing, or at least rearranging, to do than usual.  We will be stopping at our youngest son's tomorrow and unloading a LOT of our stuff.  We will take out things that would interfere with their work at the Thor factory.  They may have to replace the entire inside flooring, and run the RV through the rain bay to check for leaks in the basement compartments.  Plus we took out all of the things you just shouldn't leave in when you leave your house for 2 weeks.  

We have a very small car so not many items will fit in it--hopefully there aren't many things we forget to leave at Chris'.  We  will be operating in a bare-necessity house for  4 days!

It was cooler today with highs around 80, but it must have been humid because we were hot and tired.

Here's my dove quote tonight:

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