Friday, July 31, 2020

I bet you didn't know I always wanted to skydive!

Well, I haven't. 🙂  Thursday was our first Harvest Hosts overnight experience.  We appreciated Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, IL letting us spend the night! 

You pay a yearly fee to belong to Harvest Hosts and over 1,000 museums, wineries, breweries, farms, etc., in different areas of the country, will let you stay on their premise for free.  It is suggested that you support your host with a purchase.  Skydive Chicago said that they understood not everyone would be interested in skydiving.  They had a nice cafe and Pat went in and got us sandwiches for a late lunch. Billy made a fantastic BLT, Pat had an Americana wrap, and both came with potato salad.  Big enough we had leftovers for dinner.

Skydive Chicago also had electric for $25 if you wanted it.  It was a cool, cloudy and breezy day so there was no need for air-conditioning.  Our solar takes care of the rest of our needs.  We would have had a perfect view of the skydivers right from our RV but due to the low cloud ceiling that didn't happen, no planes going up.  It was a beautiful place to spend the night anyway!

A training area

Watching the skydivers that won't be coming, but definitely enjoying the cool breeze.

I liked the quilt tiles at an Iowa rest area on Thursday.

Today, Friday, we traveled to Bristol, IN to check out RV theater seating at Rec Pro.  We finished the day at Paw Paw, IN, just west of Kalamazoo.  Thank you Lucky Girls Brewery and The B52 Winery for letting us spend the night.  Our second Harvest Hosts adventure.

We weren't the only ones staying here.

We were able to add the other half of Michigan to our map!

We enjoyed a bountiful charcuterie tray and a glass of wine.  There was a nice breeze outside and the temperature was in the low 80's.

I chose "Betty"

Pat chose "Evelyn"


  1. I haven't heard anything bad about Skydive Chicago recently. But in the early 2000's they had a LOT of fatalities -- including the boss.