Saturday, July 11, 2020

International Falls

Friday we took a trip up to International Falls, MN, population 6,000+.  It was about an hours drive.  It is located on the Rainy River just across from Fort Francis Ontario.  The 35' cascading "falls" are now concealed under the reservoir formed by the dam on the Rainy river.

Smokey's face mask says "No Bear Hugs Today."

International Falls is known as "the icebox of the nation."  Very cold in the winter.  Nice today in the 70's.  Smokey the Bear Park has a large statue that appears to be the photo-op for visitors.  We, or at least I, was taken in.  On the same block was the Kooching Historical and Bronko Nagurski Museums.  A famous football player from there I'm guessing from the statue?   Several paper mills have plants here.  Saw logging trucks and lots of piles of trees, which Pat says, in effect, are wood.

Bandstand at the park
Lots of trees

We went to the Chocolate Moose and picked up lunch.  We headed to a local park geared towards younger kids, as evidenced by the basketball hoops.

Lunch from the Chocolate Moose, but alas, no chocolate!

4' high basketball hoops

A 20 minute trip from International Falls to Voyageurs

Rainy Lake

Bike path from International Falls to the Rainy Lake Visitor Center


  1. No, we don't have bikes.🙁 Would have been a nice ride if we did.

  2. When the border is open it is interesting to go into Canada. The entrance seems to be in the middle of a pulp factory which you drive through.

    1. Interesting. With so many paper mills on the US side I figured it continued across the border.