Monday, July 13, 2020

Top O' the Morn to ya!

We have had fun in Northern MN but its time to be moving on again. We left Orr, MN at 9 this morning, and after a short stop at Walmart and for fuel, we arrived at our next spot.  I'm certainly not a perfect blogger, but I learned yesterday to not blog with a headache.  I had to go back and make a LOT of corrections this morning.  Sorry!

Top O' the Morn Resort and Campground

Looking from Duluth across the river towards Superior, WI.

Pine Acres Resort was more of a campground than a resort.  Definitely had fisherman in mind.  Pricey considering it needed some TLC. It wasn't my favorite spot but it got us to Voyageurs National Park.

Our campground in Orr, MN was on Pelican Lake.  I complained I never saw a Pelican and then Pat saw these.  I never did see one.

Many of the places around Voyageur Nation Park had large statues commemorating the voyageurs that explored the waterways.  Each statue was a little different. 

On our way back from International Falls we noticed this on the side of the road.  We think it was to promote a resort but we don't know which one.

Little boys like to play in the fire, even if it's just a citronella candle. 

Pat cleaning out his "man cave."

Behind City hall, the city of Orr had a half mile bog walk .  I'm sure it was a very nice bog, although I don't think I'm a "bog" person.  Falls, clouds, trails, lakes, but not bogs.  The couple ahead of us lied too, they said they took care of all of the mosquitoes.

A woodpecker hole at the bog

Sunday, our last day in Orr, was beautiful.  With nothing much to do we decided to enjoy the day with a movie.  I only brought 3 with us.  Pretty sure no one else has seen this but it's one of my favorites, Cat Ballou.

For 2 nights we are at Top O' the Morn Resort and Campground in Iron River WI.  It's the stepping point to our next destination.  It has a lot of permanent units, and fishing on Iron Lake is a big draw.   The park is very wooded, pretty and peaceful.  Wooded, that is, except for the 4 sites by us. 🌞

This looks like a path but it is the road going to Top O' the Morn.

We bought some frozen raspberries at WalMart this morning and decided to give the new blender a try with raspberry daiquiris.

 Saturday night not much was going so we got out the cards. My parents brought us several decks of cards from Las Vegas a couple of times many years ago. They weren't full-time RVers but they were snowbirds, spending their winters in the south and did some traveling too. The casino cards, once used, would be marked by the casino and then sold. I'm not sure if they only used them for one game or what. Prior decks had holes punched through them. We opened our 3rd deck of cards since we started traveling--we have been playing a lot of cards. This deck was from Caesar's Palace and it's weird. Instead of a hole it has two opposing corners cut off. The deck itself seems strange because the face cards have larger letters. Neither of us like it as it just doesn't fit in your hand right. Also, the box is too small and the cards don't all fit back in, box now replaced by a rubber band. I think it's the last deck from them so we WILL use it. When they would visit or we would visit them, after the boys went to bed, the cards came out. It was always girls against guys in pitch. Pat always said he truly felt like part of the family the first time my Dad yelled at him. We took cards seriously in my family and it's probably likely my Dad yelled,"3rd man high!" We celebrated with what was our standard card fare back then, cheese and crackers, and peanuts in the shell. Sometimes my parents had just come through AR and brought double-jointed peanuts, which was a special treat.  It brought back some wonderful memories.  I really miss them. I hope you too take some time to reflect on some wonderful memories!

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  1. I have played 10 point pitch but we always played 7 point. Pat said it means to keep your cards hidden from your opponents. Funny the things we remember or that had an impact on us! I wonder what my kids will remember.