Thursday, July 2, 2020

Fixes and Fails - Bunk Ladder

Our 2019 Thor Palazzo has a front drop-down bunk that includes a ladder for accessing it.  Unfortunately, they don't provide any place for storing the ladder.  It won't fit under the bed and takes up a lot of room in the basement storage.  So we came up with a method for attaching it to the one free wall space.

We thought about just leaving it hang from the raised bunk, but that would probably be a little dangerous when driving. And we would be bumping into it constantly!

We use command adhesive for a lot of things and we found that they have these broom holders, which we were able to re-purpose as ladder holders on the wall aft of the bathroom behind the bedroom door. We also hang a swiffer there.

It is next to where the rear slide retracts, so after every trip we need to ensure something has not fallen off before we extend the slide.


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