Thursday, July 30, 2020

Fixes and Fails - Storage improvements

Storage is at a premium in most RVs, so anything we can do to improve the usability is a good idea. We have two overhead cabinets that are 20" tall with no shelves and another two that are 16".  Since we have very few things that tall, we are either wasting a lot of space or piling stuff so deep that it is difficult to find anything.  So, how did we attempt to fix this?

My thought is that I can add some of the wire rack shelving like you get at home depot.  So, I took my measurements and had them cut to the length I need.

To support them, I take some quarter round  (I think it was actually shoe molding) and figure I will attach a piece to either side of the cabinet with some sticky Velcro tape.  That way, I can move it in case I don't get it straight. Not like that would ever happen!

That worked pretty well, but as you know these RVs do a lot of shaking and these cabinets have only 1-1/2" of Styrofoam between them and the beating sun.

So, after a little while this happened.  No problem, I figure the sticky stuff on the Velcro, just wasn't strong enough, so I get some Loctite construction adhesive and put it behind the Velcro.

Worked for a little bit, but that too came down.  So, after two fails, time for a new plan.

I went to Home Depot and bought some 3/8" square dowel, removed all the Velcro and just glued everything in with the Loctite.

Problem solved.

P.S. It is a much rougher ride today with all the weight we removed yesterday.


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