Tuesday, July 14, 2020

We're a little cheesy

This morning we headed to Benoit Cheese Haus in Benoit, WI.  It so happened Tues., Thurs., and Fri. Are fresh cheese curd days.  They aren't made there, but somewhere else in WI.  Ok, maybe they are made there. They had a very tiny squeak to them but they didn't appear they were made today.  In Kalona, IA we could watch them being made, and they were very fresh and very squeaky.  Nevertheless, Benoit's cheese curds were tasty and made up our lunch, and a little snack for Krikkit.  Pat said they had a large variety of other cheeses but they weren't ones made by them.

It rained last night and most of today.  Sandy soil, so it's made for a messy RV and lots of vacuuming.

A week without sewer, is a week without a washer and dryer, = 8 loads (equal to maybe 3 loads or less in a normal washer) of laundry!  We also used more paper plates at our last site and now we're back to the real stuff.

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  1. We think so! Not the curds you find at a local grocery store, but curds made the same day that haven't been refrigerated yet. Of course these will have a good "squeak" when you bite them and taste the best.