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The Journey begins, part 16 To

At the very end of November we moved just down the road to try another RV Park, Dellanera, on the beach side of the road.  It didn't have the amenities of Jamaica Beach, but it was just a walk across the board walk to the beach.  I liked being closer to the beach but the cockle burs here were just too much.  They were everywhere, and made it hard for Krikkit to walk in the RV park.  We met Eric's, and Toni's parents at a Mexican restaurant to celebrate my birthday.  We also attended Christmas on Main in LaPorte.  Our grand-kids attend La Porte schools. There were lots of vendors, kids activities, local school bands and choirs and lots of people.  Emma played in the Jr. Band and Alexa sang in the elementary school choir.

Beach at Dellanera

Ann's birthday

Our outside Christmas decor

Emma on Sax at Christmas on Main

Eric introduced us to a new gathering--tamale making.  Eric's, Toni's parents and us spent a Sat. making Tamales.  There were several color-coded kinds.  It was certainly a days work, but certainly worth it.  They were delicious!  I think Pat and I will be doing that next year???

Seawall in Galveston

Mexican restaurant in Galveston

Once again it was such a joy to be able to attend the girls activities. Alexa and Lilah both were finalists in their grade at La Porte elementary and participated in the school Spelling Bee.  It was intense, but they did a great job.  Following the Spelling Bee we were able to go to story time at the La Porte library with Clara.  They read a story and did an activity.  Clara really enjoyed it.  We also had a cookie making day.  Toni, her parents and Pat and I brought supplies and we each made 2 or 3 kinds of Christmas cookies.  

Alexa and Lilah Spelling Bee

Library story time for Clara

Christmas Cookie making day

We went to the La Porte High School for Emma's Jr. High Christmas band concert.  It was excellent! Cookies and pictures with Santa Mickey followed.  One day when we stayed with Clara she wanted a tea party.  She got her dishes and set the table.  I added some snacks.  Tea parties are a tradition at Grammys. Some time later we all had a tea party with the good "tea set."  Whether it's tea, juice or water they love to pour out of the tea pot.  The older 3 girls reminded us all to stick our pinky out when we drank from the tea cups.

Emma's  band concert

A tea party with Clara

A big tea party

When our RV had to go in for repairs (a tow truck driver damaged the front end in New York) we stayed for a few days at an apartment just a few blocks from Eric.  They had a turtle garden with some decent sized turtles.  While the older 3 girls were at school we had several days where we stayed with Clara while Toni had things to do.  Of course Circle Park was a requested activity.  

The place we stayed at while our RV was being repaired had a turtle garden.

Circle park

Krikkit loves to go "shopping."  She shops for people who might need a dog fix, lol.  She looks up and down every aisle.  At Cabela's Krikkit got her picture taken with Santa.  Eric and Toni's church, Bayshore Baptist in La Porte, had a Christmas program that we went to.  Clara turned 3! How can that be???

Another awesome cake made by Toni!

"Be quiet, I'm reading to myself."

We did a little inside Christmas decorating in the RV and a pretty sunset on the beach.  Funny to be wearing summer clothes at this time of the year

Toni chaperoned a field trip to the Houston zoo for Alexa.  We were invited to bring Clara to the zoo too.  So much for summer clothes!  It was freezing that day.   We had winter coats and mittens on. A local ice cream store, Goodies, offered a Gingerbread House Contest.  The girls and Toni had a great time.  Grammy and Papa were assistants.

Emma, Papa, and Clara



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