Sunday, July 5, 2020

The Journey begins, part 15

November was a busy month.  Eric and his family  came to visit for a day.  They wanted to try out the giant indoor hot tub.  We had fun at the beach, hit the hot tub, played pickleball and the three older girls were they only ones in the COLD outdoor pools!  We finished off with dinner at Coastal Grill and, naturally, a trip to La Kings.  We didn't go up on the steep roof, but we attempted to help Eric and his girls decorate their house for Christmas via the ground.  It was a sad month too, as we lost our grand-dog, Sadie.  She was a great dog and was always so excited when we, or anyone visited.

Conference time to choose a dinner spot.

We went to Coastal Grill and strangley enough ended up at La Kings for dessert!

This plaza area with above mural and giant chess board near La Kings.

The Pieper's Christmas house!

Sadie loved everyone, and everyone loved Sadie!❤

Eric, Toni and Ted did the Houston Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day in downtown Houston.  The rest of us met up with them to watch the Houston Thanksgiving Parade.  First time I've been to a bigger parade on Thanksgiving.   Then we went to Eric's for Thanksgiving dinner.

Family Dinner


The weekend after Thanksgiving we had girls spend the night.  Emma and Lilah came one night, followed by Alexa and Clara the next.  So much fun!  We went to eat at I-Hop with Emma and Lilah and then they rented a movie and soaked in the hot tub.  The next night Alexa and Clara came.  They played mini-golf, went to the beach, and ate at McDonald's, followed by a treat from Dairy Queen.

Clara decided it was more fun to roll the golf ball and then drop it into the hole.  Whatever works!

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  1. They always do a great job decorating their house and yes it's a lot of work.